Thomann DP-33 WH Digital Piano

From: 74.00

1 to 2 days = €74.00
3 to 7 days = €85.00
8 to 30 days = €96.00
31 to 60 days = €147.00
61 to 90 days = €221.00
90 to 120 days = €295.00

Deposit: €180


The Thomann DP-33 WH Digital Piano is a multi-functional and economical instrument suitable for beginners and experts alike. Its 88 keys with weighted hammer action offer a genuine piano-playing experience, and its 16 high-fidelity voices provide a diverse range of expressive options. The instrument is also equipped with an incorporated recording capability, permitting you to record and replay your performances. Its condensed size and lightweight structure make it easy to carry around and ideal for compact living spaces. The Thomann DP-33 WH Digital Piano is akin to a reliable and portable automobile, providing a seamless and pleasurable journey while still delivering all the indispensable features and functionalities necessary for a fruitful musical expedition.


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