Roland A-49 Midi Keyboard

From: 42.00

1 to 2 days = €42.00
3 to 7 days = €49.00
8 to 30 days = €55.00
31 to 60 days = €85.00
61 to 90 days = €127.00
90 to 120 days = €169.00

Deposit: €70


The Roland A-49 MIDI keyboard is an instrument with many facets and dependability suitable for musicians of all levels. Its design is lightweight, compact, and can be transported effortlessly, rendering it ideal for use in both the studio and on stage. With 49 full-sized keys that respond to pressure, the A-49 provides a range of expressive playing options and exact control over virtual instruments and software. Additionally, it features several helpful functions, such as octave shift and transpose, along with buttons and knobs that can be customized to tailor the playing experience. Furthermore, its compatibility with Mac and Windows computers can be instantly integrated into any setup. Therefore, if you require a MIDI keyboard, it is suggested that you rent the Roland A-49 for your upcoming musical venture.


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