Long Term Instrument Rental

Imagine that your child wishes to start playing a musical instrument, or it’s been your dream to take a guitar class, but you just don’t know where to start. Perhaps you are spending a semester in Spain and don’t want to stop playing music, but shipping or flying with your instrument is not an option. Whatever situation you find yourself in, playing an instrument can be an expensive and often confusing endeavour as any professional musician will tell you.

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This makes so much sense!

Hiring a musical instrument instead of buying one is an option that just adds up for multitude reasons. Not only can you try and test out a variety of instruments, but you also don’t have to make a huge investment in an instrument without some musical knowledge and know-how.


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This is especially relevant when looking into instruments for children. More often than not, the instrument has to grow with your child. This can mean buying numerous instruments as your child requires a bigger size. A disaster if your kids decide they don’t want to play anymore, and also extra work if you have to keep buying and selling instruments.

Unfortunately as you will quickly discover, cheap instruments are difficult to play, tricky to tune, often sound bad, and in the end a cheap instrument regularly results in the player getting frustrated and not wanting to play. What a lost opportunity for musical discovery!

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All your questions answered!

At Shine Instrument Rental we guarantee great sounding instruments, at affordable prices and we are able to help advise you depending on your situation and requirements. Start your musical journey with us!

Long-term instrument rental is an affordable and flexible way to play an instrument.

We have a wide array of instruments from quality brands, from beginner instruments to advanced instruments.

Frequent Questions


Choose your instrument:
We have organised our rentals into 3 tiers. Entry, intermediate and advanced. Take your pick.
Delivery and Setup:
Most deliveries are free with the exception of large instruments like pianos, cellos and basses. Our deliveries get taken to one of the many drop of points in your city.
Option to buy:
First 4 months of instrument goes toward buying the instrument you are renting.
Changing instruments:
Change and upgrade your instrument at any time.


Rental Requirements:
All we need is proof of address, ID/Passport and you to sign our rental contract.
No Deposit:
We do not require you to pay deposit. If you opt into one of our insurance policies, this will cover any theft, damage or loss.
Maintenance & Upkeep:
You will need to take care of the general maintenance of the instrument like changing strings. Read about instrument maintenance here.
Damages, theft or loss:
You can choose to pay insurance at the beginning of your rental which will cover any damage, theft or loss. If you opt out of one of our insurance policies, you will be charged accordingly dependant on situation and type of instrument, if the instrument is damaged, stolen or lost.