LD Systems D1017 Microphone Set for Drums

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The LD Systems D1017 Drum Microphone Set is an exceptional option for percussionists in search of an outstanding and dependable microphone package. This particular set is inclusive of seven microphones, each one crafted for capturing the individuality of every drum within a kit. The bass drum microphone is furnished with a dynamic element, which provides a potent low-end reaction, whereas the tom and snare microphones possess a cardioid polar pattern that seizes the innate sound of the drums.

This microphone kit is a flawless fit for Instrument Rental and proffers drummers a versatile and user-friendly set that can accommodate any performance or rehearsal. Its robust constitution and professional-grade sound make it an outstanding preference for percussionists of every level. With the LD Systems D1017 Drum Microphone Set, every strike is guaranteed to be documented with clarity and precision, akin to a photographer capturing the essence of a moment.


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