Thomann TTS-350 Tenor Saxophone

From: 72.00

1 to 2 days = €72.00
3 to 7 days = €83.00
8 to 30 days = €94.00
31 to 60 days = €145.00
61 to 90 days = €217.00
90 to 120 days = €290.00

Deposit: €220


The Thomann TTS-350 Tenor Saxophone is an extraordinary and impressive musical instrument, featuring outstanding technical specifications and delivering a magnificent sound that is truly exceptional. With its advanced high F# key and exceptionally comfortable hand rest, this saxophone offers a seamless playing experience, making it an excellent option for both novices and seasoned musicians. This instrument is expertly crafted from top-of-the-line materials and is finished with a clear lacquer, providing remarkable durability and safeguarding it from harm. The tonality produced by the TTS-350 is warm, lucid, and resonant, presenting an expressive and versatile sound that is unparalleled. Without a doubt, this saxophone is a superb selection for anyone looking to lease a tenor saxophone for practice or performance, ensuring dependable and consistent performance each and every time.


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