KTL PX-30B Bass Combo Amp

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The KTL PX-30B Bass Combo Amplifier is a dependable and robust choice for bass players in search of a powerful and stable practice amplifier. With its 30-watt power output and 10-inch speaker, this combo amp generates a profound and resonant bass sound that will enhance your practice sessions.

The KTL PX-30B’s compact design makes it simple to transport and set up, rendering it ideal for travelling musicians or those requiring a portable practice amplifier. The four-band equalizer and built-in limiter allow you to fine-tune your sound and avoid distortion, while the headphone jack enables you to practice in silence.

In summary, the KTL PX-30B is a true workhorse of an amplifier that will never disappoint you. It is like a reliable and faithful ally who will always be there for you when you need it.


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