Fender LTD Telecaster Butterscotch Blonde Electric Guitar

From: 93.00

1 to 2 days = €93.00
3 to 7 days = €107.00
8 to 30 days = €120.00
31 to 60 days = €185.00
61 to 90 days = €278.00
90 to 120 days = €371.00


Introducing the Fender LTD Telecaster Butterscotch Blonde Electric Guitar – a classic instrument known for its iconic sound. With an ash body and maple neck, it delivers a balanced tone, akin to a well-blended melody. The Custom Shop ’51 Nocaster pickups offer a vintage-inspired sound, like echoes of the past. The butterscotch blonde finish exudes timeless elegance, similar to a vintage photograph. The modern C-shaped neck profile ensures comfortable playability, resembling a familiar path. The vintage-style bridge and brass saddles contribute to its distinctive twang, akin to a unique voice. Explore sonic possibilities through Instrument Rental, or consider Renting an Electric Guitar for your musical exploration. Embrace the heritage of sound with this timeless electric guitar.


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