Epiphone Les Paul Standard Ebony Electric Guitar

From: 65.00

1 to 2 days = €65.00
3 to 7 days = €75.00
8 to 30 days = €85.00
31 to 60 days = €130.00
61 to 90 days = €195.00
90 to 120 days = €260.00

Deposit: €160


The Epiphone Les Paul Standard Ebony Electric Guitar is a favored model among musicians seeking a dependable and superior quality instrument. Its classic Les Paul silhouette coupled with a sleek black finish bestows a timeless appeal. Its resonant mahogany body and neck deliver a warm and full-bodied tone, while the rosewood fingerboard provides seamless and effortless playing. The guitar is equipped with two humbucker pickups that enable musicians to attain a diverse range of tones, from pure and crisp to distorted and hefty.

For those necessitating a transitory instrument for performances or practice sessions, the Epiphone Les Paul Standard Ebony Electric Guitar is an exceptional alternative for instrument rental. It is a superb choice for those desiring to rent an electric guitar without compromising on sound quality or playability. Regardless of whether one is a novice or an experienced musician, this guitar is bound to amaze with its extraordinary sound and versatility. In summary, it is a true stalwart of an instrument that will not disappoint.


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