Admira Sara Electro-Spanish Guitar

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The Admira Sara Electro-Spanish Guitar is a superlative instrument of great quality, possessing a tone that is rich and exceptional in its playability. It comprises a solid cedar top, alongside rosewood back and sides, creating a warm and well-proportioned sound that is highly suited for classical and flamenco music genres.

With its cutaway design, players of the Admira Sara can readily access higher frets that enable more intricate playing, and the Fishman Presys II preamp system empowers performers with amplification and tone control capabilities.

This guitar is most suited for intermediate to advanced players, making it a flawless choice for live performances or recording sessions. Furthermore, it is also available for instrument rental, which is a perfect opportunity for individuals who are unsure about making a full-time purchase.

Playing the Admira Sara can be compared to the act of painting with a brush – every note is like a brushstroke on a canvas, creating a visually beautiful musical masterpiece. Whether you are an experienced performer or just beginning your musical journey, the Admira Sara is sure to leave an indelible impression.


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