One Less Thing To Think About

We have experience in managing events, have worked with event companies, production companies and wedding planners.

We understand that our instrument rental service is a line item on your plan and so we endeavour to make things as efficient, easy and flexible as possible.

When renting instruments for events and/or production companies we offer special deals, free upgrades, priority service, assigned agent, free last minute changes to orders and onsite/telephone 24 hour support. We provide you with:

  • Instrument and sound equipment rental (From Cello, to Bongos to Mixing Boards)
  • Delivery and setup of instruments and equipment (From Bands, PA systems to DJs setups)
  • Ongoing support to ensure everything is working on the day
  • Very flexible rental arrangements
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(Please detail the nature of your event and what equipment you need)

Happy Clients

Event Management, High Stakes and High Pressure

Managing an event or production is a lot more than juggling people’s interest and knowing how to rebuff those troublesome know-it-alls. Pulling together a successful event you need to manage ever tighter budgets, find the right venue, manage scope & budget creep, itineraries, deal with vendors, create menus, RSVPs, attract talent and the list goes on.

Now as if managing all these moving parts is not enough you are responsible for an important happening that all needs to come together at an exact time.

It certainly is a high stakes game. You are in charge of the big wedding dream, a theater production or the big corporate event. The margin of error is small and with so much to stay on top of it is the making of a high pressure undertaking. Renting instruments for an event is a line item on you project plan.