Instruments, Music, String Instruments Why consider Playing a Stringed Instrument

What are stringed instruments you ask? In musicology, string instruments are known as chordophones. One of the five main divisions of instruments in the Hornbostel-Sachs scheme of musical instrument classification. A stringed instrument is any musical instrument that produces sound through the vibration of stretched strings, which can be made of vegetable fibre, metal, animal […]

Events, Music, Studio DJ and sound equipment for small events

What Sound Equipment do you need for hosting a small event? If you’ve ever dreamed of throwing the best party, we’re sure you have considered what kind of music to play, and once you start thinking of music, it’s a small leap to start considering Dj-ing. The playlist for any event is a vital part […]

Music, Studio Where to hire or rent sound equipment

Learn how to recognise quality sound equipment Asking the right questions helps you figure out what you need. Every event may be different and require a variety of sound equipment. But quality doesn’t always mean you need to spend money. Often knowing what your musicians need and where they will be playing will help you […]

Guitar, Instruments Acoustic Guitar or Classical Guitar: how to choose the right guitar for you

What are the differences between classical and acoustic guitars? At first glance not much. But if you look closer you can spot some key variations and these are important as they give each guitar its unique sound. When beginning to play the guitar it’s important to learn the differences between a classical guitar and an […]

Wedding What’s a wedding without music

Planning a wedding can both be exhilirating and terrifying. So many things to consider, from the decor to the food, invitations, themes and venues, just as soon as you have thought of one thing, a million new options and questions arise! It can become quite daunting fast, and often you may find yourself loosing sight […]