This is a brief summary of our services. You will also find a quick introduction to our associated companies.

We rent instruments and music equipment to:

  1. Individuals & Groups
  2. Events (Wedding/birthdays/festivals)
  3. Students
  4. School Children

We offer excellent rental terms:

  1. Short-term
  2. Long-term
  3. Option-to-Buy

We do expert delivery and setup:

  1. Personal events
  2. Weddings
  3. Concerts
  4. Corporate events

We sell instruments:

  1. Brand new
  2. Second hand

Shine Instrument Rental is 1 of 3 companies that make up the Shine Music Collective. The other 2 are Shine Music School and The Music Room.

Shine Music School

With students from all over the world, The Shine School of Music is one of the most popular private music schools in Barcelona and provides quality music education in all instruments for all ages and levels, in all styles.

The Music Room

The Music Room is a music co-working community. You will find individuals playing music, working on their laptops, producing podcasts/mixes/songs, collaborating, studying and much more. It is also main location of Shine Instrument Rental.