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Acoustic pianos are probably the kind of piano most people are familiar with. The kind that perhaps used to stand in a corner of your grandmother’s home. Perhaps it is the piano that your music teacher played while you sang along at school. Or the piano that was played in your favorite movie.

These days, with modern technology, musicians have a few more options when it comes to pianos, such as the digital piano or keyboard. However, acoustic pianos, while not as easily transported, offer far more value as an authentic musical experience, in both look and feel.

Acoustic pianos come in two forms, the Acoustic Grand piano and the Acoustic Upright piano. Grand pianos are probably as close to the original piano design as you can find today. They have their strings and hammers laid out horizontally in the body of the piano. The mechanism of the hammers striking and releasing the strings when the keyboard is played, is aided by gravity. Grand pianos take up more space in an environment, because of this arrangement of strings. To compensate for this, Upright pianos were designed to be space savers. They have their arrangement of strings in a vertical manner, and the mechanism for releasing the hammer from striking the strings is aided with the use of springs.

The question most people ask when comparing a grand piano to an upright piano is whether the sound is different.  Many factors are responsible for the sound of a piano, the mechanisms of the hammer, the length of the strings, the workmanship of the piano, and also the materials that were used to make the piano itself.  The biggest difference between a Grand piano and an Upright piano actually comes down to gravity. The mechanism of the hammer releasing the strings is much more even and almost instantaneous, allowing the pianist to play both faster and with more control. Understanding this difference between a grand piano and an upright should aid potential piano renters in their choice. As much as a beginner would enjoy a Grand piano, it is probably unlikely that it would be necessary. On the other hand a master pianist that was going to perform in a concert hall may require a grand to perfectly execute difficult piece.


  • You might need an acoustic piano for your event, concert, or even wedding, renting an acoustic piano is far more cost-effective and efficient for a once-off requirement.
  • Instruments are valuable, and transporting an expensive and delicate acoustic piano overseas can incur huge costs. Renting an acoustic piano means you are still able to play abroad or on vacation.
  • You may be a musician who requires an acoustic piano on which to perform, and need the specific feel and sound of an acoustic piano.