Instrument rental has never been as easy as this. Find out why renting an instrument in Barcelona could work for you with our easy guide and check out our amazing selection of instruments!

Is there any instrument out there that can pack as much power into such a small package as the trumpet? The subtle curves and polished brass might give one the impression that this is an instrument of pure elegance, but once it is picked up and lets the music take hold, you’ll find a power and passion that is capable of unleashing some of the most impressive notes known to music. A signature jazz instrument, it helped form the backbone of the genre in the hands of master artists like Louis Armstrong and Dizzy Gillespie. However, the versatility of the trumpet can never be overstated, as it is instrumental in genres like blues, classical, marching band and even rock. With trumpets made to cover a wide range of sound stylings manufactured by top-rated producers like Yamaha, Getzen and Bach, it’s easier than ever to find a trumpet that will fit your personal musical tastes. Whether you’re ready to recreate the orchestral classics, rock out at a large venue, or pour out the blues in a smoky, dark little club, a fine brass trumpet can take you there.


  • You might need a trumpet for your event, music video or even photoshoot, renting a trumpet is far more cost-effective and efficient for a once-off requirement.
  • Instruments are valuable, and traveling with an expensive trumpet can incur extra costs such as insurance and baggage space. Renting a trumpet in Barcelona means that your precious instrument can stay safely at home, while you are still able to play abroad or on vacation.
  • You are learning to play, but are not sure if the trumpet is the right instrument for you. Rent a trumpet before you decide and invest in your own personal instrument.