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Guitaleles are miniature guitars. As the name suggests, they are a hybrid between a guitar and a ukulele. They are approximately one third the size of a normal guitar, and even smaller than a child’s guitar, only a little larger than a ukulele. A small guitar also known as a “requito”, has been reduced to facilitate its use. But do not be fooled, the guitalele offers the compactness of a ukulele but with six nylon strings instead of four. Being tied with 6 strings gives you the ability to play like a classical guitar transposed to “A” (like a guitar with a Capo in the fifth fret), which makes it an interesting instrument halfway between a ukulele and a guitar. We rented the Yamaha GL1 Guitalele in Barcelona.


  • The guitalele is the perfect instrument for traveling. If you are looking for a guitar that is fun and small, the Guitalele is probably the instrument you need. You can easily carry it as carry-on luggage on an airplane, without the need to register it.
  • Small and very light, it is easy to transport from one concert to another, from the city, from the beach to the roof.
  • It’s cool and unique. The guitalele is quite unusual and you do not see it often. If you want to try something new and are used to playing a normal guitar, the guitalele can be a fun alternative.
  • These guitars do not take up space at all! Even if you are in a small hotel room, this guitar will not make you feel crowded!

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