Instrument rental has never been as easy as this. Find out why renting an instrument in Barcelona could work for you with our easy guide and check out our amazing selection of instruments!

The ubiquitous 4-string bass is the key instrument in any band, as the bassist usually sets the beat for the music. The bass guitar is used in a variety of musical styles, from rock, heavy metal and pop to country, blues, and jazz. The guitar performs well as a solo instrument, most notably in Jazz ensembles. For musicians alternating between musical styles, our bass guitars for rent are designed to sound powerful and to be played with ease.

Similar in looks to an electrical guitar, we offer brands including Epiphone, Yamaha, Ibanez and the popular Fender.  We also rent Squire Bass Guitar Sets which come with all the necessary amps, and cables, allowing you to plug in and play!


  • Rent a bass guitar for your event, wedding, or concert. The benefits of this mean that you don’t need to transport your own instruments, or even own your own instruments. Playing music or organizing a band or event was never so easy!
  • If you are a student or beginner, renting a bass guitar can save you from making a bad investment in an instrument before you really have a handle on playing. Get to know the instrument, and in the future you can make a better decision when purchasing your own bass guitar.
  • Traveling with your own bass guitar can be complicated and expensive. Airlines often charge an extra ticket for instruments, because they take up room, and it is easy to damage your instrument in transit. Renting a bass guitar while you are in Barcelona, can help you avoid these issues.
  • Studying abroad, and want to play an instrument while you are in the city? Renting a bass guitar in Barcelona means that you can do just this, it is cost effective with our short term or long term rental packages.